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I feel fortunate to get a chance to work with such great people. I can confidently say that everything I have been apart of, no matter how large or small, I am very proud of!


I look for two things when taking on a project. One, does it improve our industry. And two, would I consider the people I work with friends. Following that recipe has resulted in 100% worthwhile ventures!


Ivoclar vivadent

Thank you Ivoclar Vivadent for all the fun collaborations and friendship! I look forward to much more innovations togeather!

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Ivocalr Vivadent is a company that needs no introduction. What might surprise you about this company, is that it is not just family owned, but those who work there feel a strong sense of family culture within the company. To me they are not just leaders in innovation, but leaders in how to treat others. 

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Digital Dental Team

DDT Live Patient

Dr. Mclaren and I will show Dentists and Technicians how to treat a highly cosmetic veneer case using the best digital workflows. All to make you more productive without loosing the "human touch". Participants will learn, scanning, design, printing, milling, and they will get to try 3 different types of materials in the mouth. WOOF! We will leave no stone unturned, and we have done all the hard work to find the best technology and partners. 


Dr. Mclaren or register

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Harvest dental

Harvest Dental is one of my favorite Dental Supply companies. It is well known for its "no respect for the status quo" motto. But what you need to know and do is follow its owner - Sasha Der Avanessian on social media. If you need some positive energy or just a bright spot to your day, follow Sasha. And Harvest products are all good too!

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Practical Clinical Courses

Some will say that Gordon J Christensen has done more for dentistry than any one else. Having grown up around him and in his practice, I would call that an understatement.  Most who attend PCC will say that it is far better "real world" education than anywhere else. No gimmicks, no games, just good Dentistry!

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