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Linda Colangelo

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Education Dates

Aug19-20 2021Amherst, NY - PrimeEstheticMasters Course



Aug7-8 2021 OrangeCounty, CA - LMT LabDayWest

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Sept22-25 Cologne, Germany - IDS


Oct7-8 2021 SantaFeSprings, CA - PrimeEstheticMasters Course


Feb24-26 2022Chicago, IL - LMT Chicago Midwinter

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March17-19 2022ParkCity, UT - The Digital Dental Team live patient info:


In this two part series. I will address the most common pitfalls and missunderstandings about this "next generation of all ceramics" as Ivoclar would say. 

Both of the videos act as a wonderful foundation or stepping stone for my Prime Masters Class. And at the very least, it will better prepare you for a whole new generation of smarter ZRo2.




Did you know High Altitudes will affect the performance of your ceramic ovens, and the outcomes of your overlaying ceramics???

I explain in depth in this 2 part video, why and how you can overcome it. 

I also let you know how I like to use Harvest Dental's CeraFirm. And why it is a lifesaver for dry climates.

These are little tips and tricks to help. And are helpful things to know and understand, before you go into our Prime Masters Classes. 



You can't truly understand how to use a material, until you see it in many different ways. ZRo2 is no different! I understand it better than most, and I love showing others the possibilities of this #1 dental material. Infiltration is just one way you can improve your canvas. Does not matter whether your a monolithic or layered technician. Improve the canvas and improve everything you do. This is just a sample of the posibilities of raw bleach ZRo2, and how you can internally modify it. All materials are Ivocalr... of course.



New mediums always create new opportunities. Maybe a company will offer a color liquid for prints??? But for now, here is how you can DIY coloring prints. 

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