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Cosmetic and Implant Dental Lab

Welcome to Archibald Esthetics

Hello, this is Jed Archibald. One of the many Archibald's that works in this industry. I am excited to be working with some of the best doctors I know of. And I am especially excited to be looking for some more great relationships. Those who work with me know that I will do whatever it takes to make your practice thrive, and make things right for the patient. Let me explain how I may be of service. 

I have been doing this for 25 years. Not just any 25 years. Most of those were teaching other technicians from A to Z how to do this work. Most those years were in-house with Christensen Prosthodontics. Consulting, taking custom shades, education and even help seating. Most of those years have been in product testing and development, either through CRA or contracted through dental companies. So not only do I understand the broad scope of the industry, and its current state. I also have a personal knowledge of the pressures, challenges, and rewards you see being a Clinician.

Most who come across my name tend to need help in two areas, Cosmetics and Implant restorations. I love both of these worlds, I say worlds because the absolutely are.

In the world of minimal evasive cosmetics like minimal to no-prep veneers, you half to be the ultimate Craftsman/Ceramist. It may be and ideal or non-ideal situation. But either way you half to be an artist that is extremely skilled with your medium. Because not only is this art, its art with a deadline. And if we don't make that deadline, no one gets paid, and referrals go down. So you can't just be new a weekend trained Ceramist, you half to have thousands of hours and cases under your belt to be prepared. And I always deliver! 

And with Implants, are you tired of working with labs that have no consistency? Or they consistency they do have is making every all on X case look like the same denture! I'm sick of that too! With technology today, there is no reason why you cannot customize and personalize any large restorative case. Every patient deserves that. They are coming to your practice and often spending as much or more than they would for a car. They and you deserve a lab that treats them like an individual. And a lab that can do it reliably day after day. Through Christensen Prosthodontics, I have seen it all. From the best to the worst. From the ideal to the patients who were botched, and no one is willing to try and make them whole. I have even had to go up against implant companies that pushed horrible products through surgeons, long before they were tested. So you can lean on me for protocols or advice on what is going to really work long term. 

In either world, we half to have good communication and information. I often still do all the consulting for my clients. I meet with the patient in person or virtually. I navigate the wants and needs, we use a little AI to go over realistic proposals. After that, I give you a detailed plan that didn't require you to "hopefully get what is needed" in a chair-side appointment. And from this point we work hand in hand till the case is complete. Because this is how I work, I cannot have a massive client list. And I wouldn't want one, technicians cannot perform their best that way.  I am looking for Clinicians who want to consistently do awesome work, have some fun, and make patients happy. 

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