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I offer 2 types of services. Archibald Esthetics is my Cosmetic and Implant restorative laboratory. And Archibald Digital is the outsourcing powerhouse, that allows anyone to use the technology and materials we have customized to perform at the highest levels. 

Think of how fast technology and materials are changing. It's impossible for any clinician or manager to have a perfect handle on all products and how they are used. With my fortunate background of work, teaching and RnD - I am constantly on the forefront of testing and the "new". If you see this logo on a product, all you need to know is its done right!  


Jed Archibald

extremely fortunate and extremely committed

I will be the first person to point out just how fortunate I am. At the age of 15 my father started apprenticing me, along side his private dental lab school "Archibald Associates." He knew from years of teaching, and traveling, that the one on one apprenticeship is the best way to teach Dental Technology. 

While doing my apprenticeship, I too helped in the school teaching and training others. But most of all, we were the in-house laboratory for Dr.'s Gordon and Will Christensen. I don't know if there was ever a greater teacher - than the years of being chair-side, consulting, taking shades and seating. Not to mention the research center that was started by Gordon and John called CRA, now CR ran by Dr. Rella Christensen. And for the past 40 years, the Christensen + Archibald partnership is known for perfecting, and pioneering many of the restorative procedures used both chair-side and bench. 

I have probably been given the most fortunate circumstances to be trained, and surrounded by the best of the best. It is with this perspective, I feel compelled to pass on the same values, principles and practices to the future generations of technicians, dentists, and all those who support our industry. I am going to be here for a long time, and I promise two things: 1) that what has been taught in the past will be taught in the future. And 2) the Archibald name will continue to be known as trusted pioneer, with all the changes technology brings.


Archibald Esthetics     is a custom cosmetic restorative dental lab. Archibald Digital     is the "digital arm" of Archibald Esthetics. Archibald Digital has the ability to serve many functions. Archibald Digital is a manufacturer/provider of Glass Ceramics, LS2 (Lithium Disilicates), ZrO2 ,Titanium Abutments, and all 3D Printed services/materials.

Archibald Digital     uses these materials to fabricate custom Veneers, Crowns, Bridges, Custom Abutments and all varieties of Fixed Dental Prosthetics. Archibald Digital is also a Design Partner for those who have incorporated new manufacturing equipment, but need design services and 3D printing services to produce prosthetics in-house. And we also help develop a variety of products that help the industry in all areas listed above.

Some of the skills we have picked up over past projects:

Full Arch PFM and ZRo2 - Solder Free Bridge and Bars - CAD/CAM - Patents - Ceramic Conversions - Material Indications - Architecture - Educational Books and Materials - Photography - FDM, SLA and DLP 3D Printing - Prototyping - Firmware and Software - Jewelry - Custom Golf Clubs - Custom Gunsmith - Traditional Wood and Metalwork 




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