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Prime and Prime Esthetic

To use the best, you half to be the best. No one does Zr02 better than us!

‎ADMENU V1reduced.‎003
‎ADMENU V1reduced.‎004
‎ADMENU V1reduced.‎005
‎ADMENU V1reduced.‎009
‎ADMENU V1reduced.‎007
‎ADMENU V1reduced.‎006
‎ADMENU V1reduced.‎008

Empress MULTI

A real Feldspathic look, with the advantages of CADCAM

‎ADMENU V1reduced.‎011
‎ADMENU V1reduced.‎012

Milled e.max

The material that changed the industry

‎ADMENU V1reduced.‎014

Milled "Killer" Carving Wax

We take Harvest's Purity Wax, freeze it to mill sharp and clean. Allowing you to take advantage of both digital and analog worlds.

‎ADMENU V1reduced.‎016
‎ADMENU V1reduced.‎017

Wet Milled PMMA

We wet mill Harvest Dental's Temp Esthetic PMMA to give you the best fit and finish possible

‎ADMENU V1reduced.‎019
‎ADMENU V1reduced.‎020
‎ADMENU V1reduced.‎021

Max Abutment

We use the approved DESS premill blanks. All abutments are cleaned, polished and anodized with an analog always attached. Making sure the FDA interface is never touched. An extra "Final" screw is included with all abutments. 

‎ADMENU V1reduced.‎023
‎ADMENU V1reduced.‎025
‎ADMENU V1reduced.‎024

Printed Splints - Trays - Guards

We have the validated Printers and Material to cover your Class2 needs

‎ADMENU V1reduced.‎027

e.max PRESS

We have been pressing from the very first days. It's stronger, and allows you to reach any margin on any prep.

‎ADMENU V1reduced.‎029
‎ADMENU V1reduced.‎032
‎ADMENU V1reduced.‎035
‎ADMENU V1reduced.‎031
‎ADMENU V1reduced.‎030

3D Printed "Killer" Burnout Wax

Aside from the claims, there are actually very few safe 3D burnout resins that will allow you to cast and press successful. We not only test all resins here, we press and validate too. 

‎ADMENU V1reduced.‎034
‎ADMENU V1reduced.‎035
‎ADMENU V1reduced.‎036

3D Printed Ceramics

Whether you agree with the "permanent crown" classifications. These new materials do have many applications. Finding someone who can print them correctly is the hard part. Luckily you have us. 

‎ADMENU V1reduced.‎039
‎ADMENU V1reduced.‎038
‎ADMENU V1reduced.‎040
‎ADMENU V1reduced.‎041
‎ADMENU V1reduced.‎042

ArchibaldDigital HD ModelResin

Formulated for High Definition with a Matte Stone-like surface

‎ADMENU V1reduced.‎044
‎ADMENU V1reduced.‎045

HD2 Models

Our standard model is far above the rest!

‎ADMENU V1reduced.‎047
‎ADMENU V1reduced.‎048
‎ADMENU V1reduced.‎050
‎ADMENU V1reduced.‎049

Ruby DigiTissue

A real lifelike feel, with an aesthetic translucent effect.

‎ADMENU V1reduced.‎052

Suck-down Model

For special removable processes. 

‎ADMENU V1reduced.‎054

HD2 Ceramist Model

‎ADMENU V1reduced.‎056
‎ADMENU V1reduced.‎057
‎ADMENU V1reduced.‎058
‎ADMENU V1reduced.‎059
‎ADMENU V1reduced.‎060
‎ADMENU V1reduced.‎061

HD2 Digital Split Cast

‎ADMENU V1reduced.‎063
‎ADMENU V1reduced.‎064

An exclusive offering in partnership with Shera. The Digital Split Cast is only available through Archibald Digital in the USA!

This is our Shade Conversion Chart for Prime and Prime Esthetic

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