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Archibald Digital WhiteSand Resin User Guide

Validating Resin

Thank you for trusting me to give you the absolute best modeling resin! I personally use this every day, and searched all over the world for the best ingredients and qualities. I am working hard to dial in settings for every printer a lab may have. This resin is suitable for all 4K - 16K resolution printers (50um resolution or better). Before you do your first print, I recommend you do a 2 step validation just like I do for any resins I bring in. This will pay itself back in the long run, dialing in resin can be a nuanced process. Keep in mind that vat film type and wear can affect the exposure times dramatically. It does not mean a film or printer type is superior, it just means that we need to validate our specific system. 

Print a standard Resin Exposure File. This will simply verify you are in the right "ballpark" for any resin. But this is not the final test. I like the Phrozen XP finder. The RP finder is great too. But will take longer. Download the file here. 

Screen Shot 2024-04-22 at 6.46_edited.jpg

This is my "Calibration Cube". It is a two part file, which will over dramatize the results. What is great is there is no need to get your calipers out. Once file is printed, cleaned and cured, I want you to check the fit. If the tri-lobe does not seat flush to the internal stop, you will need to decrease your exposure .3 seconds or more. If the tri-lobe seats, but has some wiggle/play, you will need to incerease your exposure .3 seconds or more. 

Step1           Step2

Printer Profiles

Please use the download link here, to download the latest ChituBox profiles for the various printers we have validated. If you have adjustments to some of these profiles. Feel free to reach out. It may be a sign we missed something, or maybe a different problem with your processes. Either way we will get better together. 

‎Resin Parameters_edited.jpg

If you want a starting point for parameters, for systems outside of ChituBox. Here is a snapshot of some settings. Though it may be not as current as the ChituBox Downloads. Again, please share any issues. 

I am trying to verify through users the various proper curing protocols. But we use the Otto flash mainly for our outsourcing center. And have verified 2000 flashes for over thousands and thousands of ceramist and implant models now. Please use your current model cure settings for different units, and share with me your findings. We can update protocols for others here. Thanks in advance. 

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