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If you are looking for information, parameter's and settings for our new resin, this is the right place.

Archibald Digital WhiteSand Resin User Guide

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Printer Parameters

Thank you for trusting me to give you the absolute best modeling resin! I personally use this every day, and searched all over the world for the best ingredients and qualities. I am working hard to dial in settings for every printer a lab may have. This resin is suitable for all 4K - 16K resolution printers (50um resolution or better). I am happy to work with you and your team to dial in the resin on your system if I do not have it listed. And I am happy to show you how I validate and set things up. 

Validating and Calibration

Please Download My Calibration Cube. I am working on a detailed tutorial of how it exactly works. But for you special customers right now, I will personally walk you through it. 

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