The Raw Shade Guide is made out of real ZrO2 by me. This is important, because each companies blend of color is not going to be a perfect match to the classic tooth shade guides we typically use. And ZrO2 is very hard to correct if you are off target. So each tab is milled and glazed with real ceramic so you have an accurate representation of your foundation.


The guide above is what I provide as a gift/tool to my clients for us to have more success. It was not made by or commisioned by Ivoclar Vivadent Inc. I simply bought an Ivoclar shade guide, ripped the plastic teeth off, and added shade tabs so my clients have a professional sterile tool. I can make this patented guide out of any material, and would change the labeling and holder to match. If you are interested in a partnership to produce and get more people using your material, please reach out. Otherwise I am perfectly happy having this be a private tool only available to my cosmetic dentists.   

The design of the tabs is a return to nature through the Fibonacchi Sequence. The Fibonacci Sequence is the numeric code/theory Leonardo Fibonacchi  found to be in all aspects of nature.

The plastic adapter has a positioning "fence" that allows for you or your assistant to easily provide proper plane and distance for digital photography.

About the guide

The organic shape of the tabs allows you to visually see how your material will change with thickness.

No prep will ever be perfect steps of thickness. We just need to see how things will blend and work in a more natural environment. 

To keep things affective and sterile, the clear plastic adapter is made out of approved splint material, and easily snaps together to any standard metal shade tab holder. 

There is a clear fence added above and below the tab so you can take photos with the gingival or incisal part of the tab. It also makes positioning so much easier if your holding a camera with one hand, or you have an assistant helping out. 


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