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The NanoByte was painstakingly designed in collaboraion with PascalDental. Orders your today!


A wash system for small, medium and large operations. Safer, cleaner, stronger!

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The 2X5 is the most popular and ready for shipping now. Each bath is 5Liters, but only 2Liters of liquid is needed to optimize washing. A silicone mat and irrigation bottle is included to give you a final "third wash", which I have taught in my "Art of 3D Printing" Courses.


We are also include a drain system that we are making a video for now. But it eliminates the need for any plugs or holes in your bath that may leak. And eliminates the need to lift and pour out the old liquids.


With all the effort and time being placed in 3D printing technology, it surprises me that most companies do not offer a clean and safe solution for cleaning. Most leak vapors creating a hazardous and noxious environment. Not to mention not safe for any room a patient would be in. The weighted lid with bent and fitted lids trap the vapors from leaking out. Giving you a safe and simple solution, that works amazingly better. You can fit multiple sizes of build platforms within this size, and if you need more room we have the 1X10L. Or if you need to separate model cleaning and Class2/3 appliance cleaning, we have the 3X3L. 

The 1X10 and 2X5 retail for 2375$, and the 3X3L retails for 2675$. If you have been part of a course or education program, you are eligible for a 10% discount. Reach out to for orders.   

My baby girl Harper helped with the setup video. The system is designed to be simple enough to not really need it. But this was fun for us. 


1- The wooden sticks are simple genius. They allow you to have the flex-ability to adjust width to your particular setup. It could be one build-plate, two or three. And the wood dowels actually perform really well long term in cleaning solutions. So place as you wish. 

2- Set the RPM of the large football mixers to 600-700 rpm. I use 10min for models, and less for your class2 materials. Note that you do not want to mix your class 1 and 2 washing liquids. So plan accordingly or consider the 3X3L station to separate. 

3- The irrigation bottle is an amazing trick. Fill it up with pure cleaning liquid. Keep next to station. When the second wash is complete, lift the basket and minimally rinse the parts in the basket for a final "3rd" wash. This allows you to not monitor your wash liquid status as closely. 

4- There is a video coming on how to use the "Drain Clip"  

With all the systems being sold. It's not only surprising that there is so little thought and effort going into the post processing side. But also that there is little to no thought of disposal and ergonomics. 

Customers often ask "what do I do with the old cleaner?". Response is almost a throw away "just dump it out". All while touting how professional of a system they have. Well, 99% of all systems fall short here. Trust me, if I've tried and seen everything. They are mostly cheap plastic that provides zero barrier in case of fire. All have loose lid systems that fill the room with vapors. And if they have a drain system, it's leaking now or will be shortly. 


Because I do not expect the average sized helper to lift a bath, full with 2 gallons of cleaning solution, without making a mess. We have incorporated old tech with new. The simple siphon pump allows you to manage liquids with ease, and is included with the wash system. The "DrainClip" is 3D printed and designed to hold the hose securely to the station for you, so you can walk away. Remember to wear appropriate PPE, and enjoy!


The Pat.Pend. Raw Shade Guide is made out of real ZrO2 by me. This is important, because each companies blend of color is not going to be a perfect match to the classic tooth shade guides we typically use. And ZrO2 is very hard to correct if you are off target. So each tab is milled and glazed with real ceramic so you have an accurate representation of your foundation.


The guide above is what I provide as a gift/tool to my clients for us to have more success. It was not made by or commisioned by Ivoclar Vivadent Inc. I simply bought an Ivoclar shade guide, ripped the plastic teeth off, and added shade tabs so my clients have a professional sterile tool. I can make this patented guide out of any material, and would change the labeling and holder to match. If you are interested in a partnership to produce and get more people using your material, please reach out. Otherwise I am perfectly happy having this be a private tool only available to my cosmetic dentists.  

You can purchase these now, but I am actively searching for a partner to reduce prices dramatically.  

The design of the tabs is a return to nature through the Fibonacchi Sequence. The Fibonacci Sequence is the numeric code/theory Leonardo Fibonacchi  found to be in all aspects of nature.

The plastic adapter has a positioning "fence" that allows for you or your assistant to easily provide proper plane and distance for digital photography.

About the guide

The organic shape of the tabs allows you to visually see how your material will change with thickness.

No prep will ever be perfect steps of thickness. We just need to see how things will blend and work in a more natural environment. 

To keep things affective and sterile, the clear plastic adapter is made out of approved splint material, and easily snaps together to any standard metal shade tab holder. 

There is a clear fence added above and below the tab so you can take photos with the gingival or incisal part of the tab. It also makes positioning so much easier if your holding a camera with one hand, or you have an assistant helping out. 


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