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Welcome all Dental Professionals

meets Technology
where Craftsmanship
This is 

"I hold digital technology to the ultimate standard of the trained human mind and hands. I love to pursue technology as its progresses, but my goal is always to find where it can help - because it will NEVER replace human potential."

Service, Education & Partnership

Hello, My name is Jed Archibald. I am the Owner and Founder of Archibald Esthetics and Archibald Digital. My passion for the dental industry is focused in three key areas:

  • I get to provide the service as a Dental Technician, where I work with Clinicians and Patients in restoring smiles.

  • My unique background has given me an amazing thirst for education, I feel driven every day to learn and teach.

  • Archibald Digital is a powerful partnership for other great technicians. Where I help them compete in an ever-changing world, without loosing what makes them great.  


What's NEW!

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Feel free to check out Archibald Esthetics or Archibald Digital

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