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Hello, My name is Jed Archibald. I am the Owner and Founder of Archibald Digital. Archibald Digital is the "digital arm" of the dental laboratory. The digital world provides us with amazing new tools, growth and even some fun. But as much as technology impresses and helps us, it also makes very clear just how amazing the human mind and hands are. Our minds are amazing and limitless, and technology is nothing without them. Hands are the ultimate tool - they have the ability to create things small and large. Technology can bridge the gap when our mind or hands fail us. Technology can enhance teh way we teach and educate future generations. 

My perspective, and background, is not only from that of education and research, but it is also a background in classic "craftsmanship" dental technology. I hold digital technology to the ultimate standard of the trained human mind and hands. I love to pursue technology as its progresses, but my goal is always to find where it can help - because it will NEVER replace.



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fun facts

about Archibald Digital

US Crown Life

7-10 years 

Archibald/Classic Crown Life

20-30 years

ZRo2 crowns


LithiumDisilicate crowns


PFM crowns


Hand Workflow


Digital Workflow


Milled Production


Printed Production



Please feel free to contact me directly. I look forward to meeting you!

Based in Lehi, UT "Silicon Slopes"

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