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Why Outsource With Us?

Frankly, no other company can offer what my team and I can for you. All equipment, materials, software and protocols are specifically dialed in, to my specific standards. Here are just some examples.

Pioneer In Sinter Technology

It took about 6 years of independent research to identify some key principles hidden within the different types of Zirconia. The main 3 types we deal with in todays dentistry is 3y, 4y and 5y ZrO2. And now we are entering a new generation of "multi Y" or "multi translucent" zirconia. These new compositions require more advanced handling and care. 

Once the correct sintering principles were identified, we can change the sintering programs to make the same material, Low Translucent, Medium Translucent, and High Translucent. All without changing the indications of the material. So for example, you can make a 3y look more like a 4y, without loosing its fracture toughening properties. 

 Combine that with the varieties of custom infiltration (coloring pre-sintered). You have the most versatile material we might have seen in dentistry ever. These programs are exclusive IP of Jed Archibald and are only available through Archibald Digital. 

Not All ZrO2 Is Equal

Most milling services will use materials that are just not as good. We specifically evaluate and choose the best materials regardless of price. 


That material of choice today is Ivoclar ZirCAD Prime and ZirCAD Prime Esthetic. The aesthetics are unrivaled when used with my shade conversion chart and sinter programs. And the patented Gradient Technology provides an added benefit of being completely stable. The first gen "stacked" type of Multi-translucent material has the disadvantage of not being as stable, with varying levels of tension in the material. Not an issue on the singles, but not suitable for larger restorations, or all types of processing. 


If you combine Prime and Prime Esthetic with our technical handling, you wont loose. That may sound like a commercial, but I investigate materials constantly, and if a better one comes along I will use it.  For more information, you can read this article @

Reccomended Margin Settings

We pride ourselves in keeping our machines in optimal condition. Allowing us to recommend thinner margin settings than anyone else. If you are a 3Shape user the numbers above are your "margin protection". If you use ExoCAD you will need to use the photos as a reference and convert for now. We are still validating the conversion. 

Most milling centers want you to use the .20-.25 setting. If you send cases to us, you can go as low as .20 for Glass CADBlocks, .15 for ZrO2, and .10 or .12, for printed patterns. Saving you precious time and contours.

We are talking purely about extra margin protection. You still need to respect the .5mm minimum thickness setting. 

Milling Shade Conversions Chart

When submitting cases, please use the conversion chart. We will produce what you request, and will not convert for you. 

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